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VENROY is a contemporary Australian fashion label, grounded in the ethos of simplicity with substance.

We speak to the self-assured who have an eye for detail and appreciate an authentic point of view.

Shifting the idea that leisurewear is worn only on vacation, VENROY’s approach to clothes says you can, in fact, dress how you want to live – supremely relaxed.

Linen is our hero. In a world of insatiable consumerism and a constant stream of new trends, this keeps the brand focused and unique. Other textiles, including rich cottons, silk, cashmere and Japanese specialty fabrics, are consistent in designing to a crystal clear, minimalist approach. There is always a contemplation of luxury in our materials and techniques.

Our obsession for clean lines and subtlety is the ultimate badge of new-age sophistication.

Created initially for men and later, women, the cult following begun from grassroot origins in Bondi Beach in 2011. Word spread and the brand grew rapidly and organically. Initially a boardshort label, the VENROY ‘above the knee’ design gained steam and US department stores quickly bought into the brand.

In 2015, VENROY pulled collections from all stores, eliminating the wholesale model and successfully relaunching as a direct to consumer retailer.

Today, VENROY has five stores throughout Australia and found online at venroy.com.au View our Stores Right Arrow